DalalStreet believes in the concept of clean city green city therefore we play a substantial role in promoting cleanliness and greenery innovatively among city residents. We are best empowered with most enthusiastic and energetic young individuals, helping the organization & society to step ahead towards healthy environment. We believe in making remarkable changes in society through environmental friendly acts which begins with the smallest initiation resulting in prominent changes.

Here are the basic steps we have enrolled in DalalStreet’s routine:
  • Water is the most precious resource in world today. Our core emphasis is to conserve water with no wastage policy. Regular check for maintenance of taps is taken as the premier step by us. We do not keep any water show pieces in any of our office premises.
  • We are focused at creating an eco-friendly atmosphere,and so every employee take it as their ownership to leave his/her carbon foot print by minimizing the usage of vehicles.
  • Our offices are equipped with eco-friendly computer systems which consumes less power for optimizing the usage of energy