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1This Past-Performance Belongs to Which Plan?
This Past Performance is not for specific one plan. Here we just Update our All calls which is given to a particular day(All Plans Calls Mentioned there).
Plan Wise Past - Performance is Not possible for specific reason and technical reason. Can't Handle all things separately because of our unique strategies.
2Are All calls Mentioned in this past - Performance ?
No, Sometimes we didn't mention calls which is given to free trial users. Our calls which is given to our Paid customers are mentioned here. call which is given to 60% of free trial users also mentioned here.
we didn't mentioned call which is given to particular 5/10 Users only. because this 5/10 Users is Special case or Special need base call, this call is not given to majority of users so we didn't mentioned.
3How Many Quantity Decided to Count Profit or Loss?
For Sake of Your Convenience, We Decided Fix Quantity for Particular Segments. like as
Cash- Quantity Decided with 1 Lac Capital and Using 10 Time Margin
Stock Future - 2 Lots
Bank Nifty Future and Nifty Future - 2 Lots
Stock Options - 3 Lots
Bank Nifty Option and Nifty Option - 10 Lots
MCX - 3 Lots
4How You can Justify Real Profit or Loss with Fix Quantity?
Yes you are Right, With Fix Quantity we can't Justify Real Profit. If you didn't Understand then let's Make some Example

If You have 5 Lac Rs Capital then you can buy 1000 Shares which share price is 500 Rs Per Share and If Share Price is 200 Rs then you can buy 2500 Shares

Here Capital is Same but Quantity is Not Same because of different different Share Price. So It's Can not Justify fix Quantity to show Real Profit

Some Times Real Profit is Low then Past Performance Shown Profit And Some times Real Profit is High then Past Performance Shown Profit
5Why You Didn't Mentioned Actual Quantity?
Just Give us One Answer>
How to Decide Actual Quantity? Because our All Client Capital is not same

There is 3 Reasons for which we decided Fix Quantity Concept

> With Fix Quantity You can Easily Understand All Picture
> Actual Quantity is Not Possible because of Different Different capital of our clients
> Now a Days So many Clients thinks that if profit occur then we mentioned more quantity and if loss occurs then we put low quantity. so here manipulations can also happens. So to avoid this Manipulations and want to give true picture of our services we decide to mentioned Fix Quantity only.

Hope You Understand !

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