DalalStreet lives by the statement “We are a part of nature and what we give back to it, will return back to us”. With the sense of adding valuable input for the betterment of our society through each possible way, we take it as our duty to contribute our part. Extending the philanthropic arms, we aim to bring about vibrant change in society while performing our role for the construction of a better tomorrow.

We initiate the following activities to accomplish our end goals:
    • India has a large group of unemployed graduates, with increased unemployment rate the other factors like struggle for educated individual is an attention seeking problem. We are open for recruiting all young individuals who are ready to introduce great difference after becoming a part of our organization. Starting their journey by walking in as a fresher turning into a professional, we build corporate people. Our vision is to create an organization of “50,000 people serving customers globally”. This is how we play our role in increasing the employment rate.
    • We acknowledge the importance of high Gross Domestic Products (GDP). Our exponential growth would contribute to higher GDP benefiting our founders, shareholders, management, employees and country at large.
    • Our environment policy supports “green planet” and includes various steps in daily routine while bringing awareness for limited and correct usage of water, fuel and energy.
    • We are associated with hospitals, orphanages and NGOs for social services.
    • We promote the concept of higher education and ‘earn while you work’, therefore encourage our employees to take up education on serious note while helping & guiding them with facilities like educational concessions and training seminars.
    • Regular social activities like blood donations, health marathons, social awareness rallies helps our employees to connect with the outer world for the noble causes.